Mini Aussies



Mini Aussies

Mini and Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

From our family to yours, Mini Aussies are versatile dogs in a small package for home and small family farms alike.

We are a small hobby breeder of quality Mini Aussies and Toy Australian Shepherds. Our pups are raised as part of our family ready for yours. Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds are simply a scaled down version of the Standard Australian Shepherds with a smaller package that allows them to fit into today’s more active lifestyles of today’s modern family. We strive for health happy home raised pups in a clean environment.

Quality in both temperament and structure and of utmost importance to us to insure that they are all the best companions they can be.

As responsible breeders we take lifetime responsibility for all the pups bred here and are known for our after sales support.  

Miniature/Toy Australian Shepherds are not a new but they are an exciting one. Known for being very intelligent and highly trainable no matter what work you put to them. Mini Aussies are the utmost in loyal companions and many of ours have gone on the do Herding, Obedience, Flyball and Agility events as well as other highly competitive event work and most importantly great family dogs. 

Mini and Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies

Many are drawn to this breeds wonderful array of colors with the most common being the Solid body colors of Black Tri and the Red Tri with their lovely orange points on eyebrows cheeks and lower legs.

The more flashy Merles  (with a marble/mix of colors) in both Blues and Reds.

All Mini Aussie colors can have nice white markings on face, neck and chest and of course stockings.

All colors can have either dark or blue eyes and some even one of each all making them a unique dog for each new owner lucky enough to get them.

Our Mini Aussies are registered with the “American Stock Dog Registry”

Average sizes of the Mini and Toy Australian Shepherds are

Miniature 13” to 17” tall and about 15 to 27#

Toys  are under 13” and usually under 12#

Mini Aussies no matter the size are people dogs that are fun loving and make great all around pets for singles, couples and families on the go. They are full of energy but if given some attention and walks each day can fit into most lives without trouble. They are full of fun but are not a hyper dog they are intelligent so do need attention everyday or better yet a job like playing with the kids when they get home from school or a jogging partner or a stay at home watch dog.

mini aussies
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