Toy Mini Aussies Wa

Toy Mini Aussies Wa

Smokey Valley Kennel

Washington Breeder Toy Mini Australian Shepherds
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Here at Smokey Valley kennel, Toy Mini Aussies in Wa State we have a lifetime of Aussie knowledge to share with our customers and anyone that asks. We are people friendly and dog experienced thru our lifetime of owning and breeding Miniature / Toy Australian Shepherd dogs and puppies.
Sharing is caring and so here we will answer some commonly asked questions about the breed and dogs in general.

*How to Locate my lost dog? First of all we highly recommend getting your dog micro chipped as it is cheap insurance for that type of thing. Also wearing a buckle collar whenever out and about with the dogs name. Your phone number can make it very easy for anyone to see and help get you and your dog together quickly. Be sure to keep all info up to date. The micro chip will have to be read with a scanner at a vet office, shelter or other such place ( some groomers or pet stores) may also have one.If your dog is lost locally put a call out on your local town/area face book page, many know dogs in their area and so may have seen it or have seen it and know that it is not from the area. Go to the places you take your dog normally, like the park or a friends home if they live close or a dogs home you have noticed your dog has had an interest in lately. All these are quick and easy ways to get a lost dog found close to home as they don’t usually go far.
Put up lost dog flyers in the area as well as at any vet or shelters in the area even if the dog is not chipped as many take it there when found.
Hope these suggestions will help someone get their dog back safe and sound and in a hurry, and as always keep doors and gates locked and teach your dog to wait to go thru the door that goes to the big outside world.

* How do I know what the right collar for my dog is?
So safety is first and comfort for the dog second. Dogs need to be comfortable in the one thing they will wear most on and off their whole life. So think about that and their safety as those are some of your most important roles as an Australian Shepherd Parent.

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Washington, Breeder, Toy, Mini, Australian, Shepherds, Miniature, Aussie, Puppies, Shepherd, Puppy, for sale

toy mini aussies wa

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